DSC_3908_1Jenna Marks is a 26-year-old filmmaker residing in Nova Scotia, Canada; whose work is greatly inspired by the world around her and from her own experiences. Her films are often visual poems inspired by a single moment in her life.

Jenna Marks studied film at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and later studied animation with The National Film board of Canada’s hothouse apprenticeship program. Jenna’s films have played internationally and have gained awards at Germany’s, Internationale Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart and Canada’s own Atlantic Film Festival.

In a past life, Jenna was one of the world’s fastest female canoeist. She represented Canada on many stages including the 2009 world canoe championship, in which she took home three gold medals for Canada. She retired from the sport in 2013 after woman’s canoe was rejected from the 2016 Olympic roster. Canoeing, and her experience as an advocate for female sports, and inequality in general, will stay with her forever. It can be seen in all of work. The emotional and often bravely personal films are a testament to her past.

Jenna is currently finishing her first experimental live-action film and writing for her next animation.